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Algebra II: Instruction Enrichment and Content Review for Educators


Professor: Kerry Ravan
Graduate Credits: 3
Course Code: EDTR 5205

  • Description

    Product Description

    This online teacher recertification course is designed to provide high school educators with the opportunity to investigate different resources to enhance their current teaching practices. The selected resources for this course will highlight different pedagogies and techniques which can be used to more effectively teach Algebra II. The course will also provide a broad overview of the content knowledge necessary to effectively teach Algebra II and will depend heavily on standards and resources developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) which provided the underpinnings for the new CCSSM. All course work is completed online.

    Algebra teachers will find this course useful in helping them:

    • Explore a variety of problems and examine how they relate to different teaching and learning strategies
    • Discover how to build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving
    • Learn investigative and project-based learning experiences which lead to discovering
      mathematical concepts and relationships
    • Investigate the role of technology in the Algebra II classroom
    • Review the essential mathematical material of Algebra II

    Algebra II: Instruction Enrichment and Content Review for Educators is part of the course offerings of self-paced, online science courses intended for teacher recertification. This course awards 3 graduate credit hours.

    What students are saying about this class

    This was the best online course I’ve ever taken! My professor was super responsive and the content was just what I wanted!

    Kathy in MA

    Easy to use interface, informative content, good value for the price.

    Mark S.

    The course worked for me.

    Doug S.

    This course was terrific. The essay questions really made me think about the topics and how they affect my teaching. The course can be completed in a short amount of time without being too much. I highly recommend this course to all Algebra teachers.

    Scott M.

    “The professor’s timely responses to my questions were great!”

    Susan in MA

    “This course provided me with some great resources, lessons, and activities that I can use in my classroom.”

    Becky in IA

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