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Algebra I: Understanding How to Teach Algebra I


Professor: Dr. Don Jordan
Graduate Credits: 3
Course Code: EDTR 5200

  • Description

    Product Description

    Prerequisite: Knowledge of Algebra I content and at least an undergraduate degree. This online teacher recertification course is a study of methods, techniques, and materials of instruction in middle and high school mathematics, to provide a content refresher component that adheres to the common core standards for mathematics.

    Algebra teachers will find this course useful in helping them:

    • Build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving
    • Recognize reasoning and proof as fundamental aspects of mathematics
    • Organize and consolidate mathematical thinking through communication
    • Analyze and evaluate mathematical thinking and strategies of others
    • Review and examine how effective mathematics teaching requires understanding what students need to know and need to learn
    • Review certain content areas of Algebra I

    Algebra I: Understanding How to Teach Algebra I is part of the course offerings of self-paced, online science courses intended for teacher recertification. This course awards 3 graduate credit hours.

    What students are saying about this class

    This course was stress free. There was more than enough time provided to complete. Make sure that you do the quiz preps given in the activities and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

    Roxanne T.

    I enjoyed taking the course. It helps that you can work at your own pace. A good way to gain recertification.

    Matthew L.

    It was a great course overall. I intend to take the Algebra II course as well.

    Judson W.

    I plan on using some of the lessons and problems from the book next year in class.

    Gerald M.

    I loved the self-pacing of the course.

    Lisa R.

    I’m glad I took the course. It was broad enough to review concepts and focused enough to find a way to incorporate some material into class right away.

    Bob G.

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