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Algebra I: Instruction Enrichment and Content Review for Educators


Professor: Kerry Ravan
Graduate Credits: 3
Course Code: EDTR 5100

  • Description

    Product Description

    This online teacher recertification course is designed to provide high school educators with the opportunity to investigate different resources to enhance their current teaching practices. The selected resources for this course will highlight different pedagogies and techniques which can be used to more effectively teach Algebra I. The course will also provide a broad overview of the content knowledge necessary to effectively teach Algebra I and will depend heavily on standards and resources developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) which provided the underpinnings for the new CCSSM.

    Algebra teachers will find this course useful in helping them:

    • Investigate a variety of problems and examine how they relate to different teaching and learning strategies
    • Explore how to build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving
    • Learn investigative and project-based learning experiences which lead to discovering mathematical concepts and relationships
    • Investigate technology’s role in the Algebra I classroom
    • Review the essential mathematical material of Algebra I

    Algebra I: Instruction Enrichment and Content Review for Educators is part of the course offerings of self-paced, online science courses intended for teacher recertification. This course awards 3 graduate credit hours.

    What students are saying about this class

    The course content was helpful for use in the classroom. It was nice to be able to work on the course whenever it fit my schedule.

    Richard K.

    I loved the format of the course. It was extremely linear and sequential in regards to the checklist (tick boxes). The videos and readings were meaningful and informational.

    Kim D.

    The class was not overwhelming but it did make me think when I wrote my essays. Plus, it made me work when I was doing the practice problems which, by the way, made the tests so much easier.

    Derrick S.

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